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First Annual Blue Bowl Aerobatic Event!

Chapter 52 is planning to wrap up the Northeast aerobatic season in style, with the 1st Annual Blue Bowl Aerobatic Event! It will be held on Saturday November 19th, at Cold Spring Airport, Honesdale, PA. The Blue Bowl is not an official IAC contest, with all those formal rules and judging criteria. It's just a last chance, before the snow flies, to get together and have some flying fun! Get all the details at the Blue Bowl page.

2005 Kathy Jaffe Challenge Results

Though we had some weather issues (rain, lightning, HEAT) to contend with, we still had a great contest! Have a look at a contest report, with the complete results of the 2005 Kathy Jaffe Challenge, HERE. Photos will follow eventually.

Photo Gallery

We have loads of photos in our online photo gallery, and more being posted all the time. Check out the Chapter 52 Photo Gallery!

Busy Weekend Coming Up for Chapter 52

Saturday, July 2-
The annual Morris County Firemans parade is just around the corner. Chapter members have been wowing the crowds for the past 5 years with a flyby over the parade route. Last year, our photo made the front page of the local paper! The time is around 1:00 on Saturday. The deal is: Free Gas and Free food. Stephen Seidel filled up twice last year. (gas,not food) Sortie departs from Andover-Aeroflex (12N). Come and get carrier qualified at the same time. Lots of new Chapter airplanes- here's your chance to show 'em off!

Sunday, July 3-
Doug Lovell took a bunch of pictures of the Cold Spring Airport on a "recon mission" last week Check 'em out atCold Spring Recon'.
Let's get started at 12:00 noon. Be advised that there is not much available at this field in the way of services- so bring your own drinks and snacks if you want 'em. Also, since this is a private airport, with no FAA-assigned CTAF, I recommend that all pilots use the "default" MULTICOM frequency of 122.9 to self-announce in the pattern. On the question of fuel... We should have some fuel availability. I recommend that, since it'll be the airport owner's neighbor coming over to help us out with fuel, we figure on people fueling once after arrival, and once later in the afternoon around departure time. That way, we will not be asking the owner's neighbor to hang around all afternoon.
Finally, please note that the local FAA FSDO may have a representative out to say hello. The FSDO is a good supporter of aerobatics, and we want to make it easy for them to continue to support us by being on our best behavior!
If you are planning on coming out on Sunday, please drop me a line and let me know.

Tom Parsons, IAC 52 Prez

It’s a Chapter practice day! No, I am not kidding. We have been invited to come and practice at the private Cold Spring airport. There's a waivered box at the airport, and the owner has graciously agreed to open the box for us. Cold Spring Airport, 7PA3 on your sectional, is a 4000' paved private strip 22 nm west of Sullivan County. More info about the airport can be found here: We are only asked to look carefully at the waiver before signing, and include your name, pilot cert #, and insurance company name when you sign (the owner would like everybody who flies in the box to have liability insurance- if you fly at contests, you've probably got it already). Also, please be sure to obey the low altitude limit of the box!

Come on out- attend one or both of these events, and turn some dead dinosaurs into fun. See you there!

Chapter Meeting at the W

Lots of Chapter 52 members made an appearance at the Flying W on June 18th. On relatively short notice, many of the hardcore members, and a number of new and re-invigorated members, came to the W for a contest planning meeting (have a look at an album of pictures taken by Doug Lovell at the meeting). Many members stepped up to volunteer for contest jobs, but don't dispair if you couldn't make it- there are still a couple of open volunteer slots to fill! We could use one or more people to act as starters, and we still need a volunteer to run the computer scoring operation.

Contest Recaps

Thanks to the efforts of Newsletter Editor and unofficial Chapter Photographer Doug Lovell, we have writeups of the action at both the Orange 2005 and Maytown 2005 contests. Yes, folks, the contest season is in full swing! Read the recaps, look at all the pictures of people having fun at contests, and come out to the next one!

Kathy Jaffe Challenge!

We have tentatively scheduled the Kathy Jaffe Challenge for Thursday, August 4 through Sunday, August 7. The contest will be held at Flying W Airport/Resort (N14) in Lumberton, NJ. Practice and registration will be on Thursday, with contest flying on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Also, there will be a practice day, with the aerobatic box open, on Saturday, July 16. This will be our chance to get used to operating at Flying W, see whether the box placement works, and get a handle on any local issues.

This schedule is tentative only because we are awaiting final approval by the FAA of the contest waiver. We expect no problems (knock on wood).

This is a really fantastic facility! Be advised, though, that while there is a hotel on the field, they are limited in capacity. I believe there are only about 20 rooms in the whole place. Room rate for us will be $81/night- that includes a 10% discount for contest attendees.

There will be a full-pagge announcement on the Web site soon, but I wanted to get this out ASAP. Now we can look forward to having a great contest!

A Message From Ron Sag:

Now that the elections are over, I think that we should recognize the great job that Alex Belov did as our president. He took over the reins of the chapter after Kathy Jaffe died and managed to hold the chapter together. He was the newsletter editor, webmaster and our chief volunteer. It's largely due to his efforts that our chapter survived. He and Ron Chadwick managed to pull off a contest that first year- a Herculean task- and it was one of the best contests our chapter ever hosted! He organized our meetings and sometimes was the only one who showed up! On top of that, Alex has become a formidible force in aerobatic competitions, both regionally and nationally. Good job, Alex! (Editor's Note: Stephen Seidel also did a great job as Chapter president before Alex's term.)

Ron Sag

Chapter Officer Election Results:

Here are the results of the just-concluded elections for Chapter 52 officers-

Tom Parsons- 11 votes (elected)

Ron Chadwick- 11 votes (elected)

Deanna Willson- 11 votes (elected)

Safety Officer:
John Nafziger- 5 votes
Dennis Thompson- 7 votes (elected)

Alex Belov- 9 votes (elected)
Chris Getz- 6 votes
Miriam Levin- 9 votes (elected)
Ron Saglimbene- 12 votes (elected)
Dennis Thompson- 6 votes

To those who were elected- congratulations!
To everyone who was nominated- thank you for your willingness to serve. We still need your help, as well as the help of others who are yet to step forward, to help our Chapter grow and prosper.

A Message From Incoming Chapter President Tom Parsons:

First, I want to echo what Ron Sag said about Alex Belov's contribution as Chapter President. His leadership and energy have set an example for me to follow!

Our Chapter is already known for putting on the absolute best contest in the Northeast: The Kathy Jaffe Challenge. It's my hope that we can also become known as a Chapter with success in achieving the following goals:
Each of these goals is critical to our future as a Chapter, as well as the future of our sport. With the enthusiasm and participation of our membership, I'm sure we can meet them. Thanks for giving me the chance to be your Chapter President!

Tom Parsons
Incoming Chapter 52 President

All of the (printed) news from 2004

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