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Maytown 2005
Maytown 2005

Pennsylvania Aerobatics Championships

Maytown 2005 was almost, but not nearly a total wash. Friday found Donegal Springs socked-in with low ceilings and drizzle. Saturday wasn't much better; but, brave pilots began trickling-in from late morning until the afternoon. The earlier they were, the braver they were.

Flying began in earnest at 5pm. The clouds lifted for a beautiful evening. As the sun set we finished the last of seven Intermediate, two Advanced, three Unlimited, and two Primary pilots.

Sunday was Hazy and Hot, with record temparatures in nearby Lancaster. The categories that flew Saturday evening got to fly their free programs. The seven Sportsman pilots flew first and last to get two flights as well.

Our new President, Tom Parsons, chipped-in to fly Primary cold turkey in a Decathalon so Adam Cope's student, Bob Light could have a contest. Tom gave Bob some light by allowing him to score better on the first flight, then finished first overall.

In Sportsman we were happy to welcome Ed Jepsen in his Extra from Connecticut. Ed has been a member of Chapter 52 for some time; but, we don't get to see him much. Ed very unassumingly took first place overall, with 78.7%, by placing second in both flights. Hoping to see more of you Ed!

Scott Kirk, Doug Lovell, and Mike Haller also competed in Sportsman. Mike was seventh, Scott sixth, and Doug fourth. If there was a prize for most inconsistent performance it would have gone to Doug. He placed seventh in the first flight with 53%; first in the second flight with 81%. Doug is looking forward to having another round with Ed. Will it by at the Flying J?

The Model 12 boys flew Intermediate-- Chris Getz, Ray Franke, and Kendal Simpson. None of them could vanquish Larry Bayshore from Chapter 58. Kendal took second and Ray took third. Chris made a great showing on Saturday evening placing third on the first flight. The haze and the heat of Sunday interfered with a repeat performance.

Advanced was a two-pilot face-off between the Mad Russian and Panzer One. Alex placed over Bill Finagin in the first flight, mainly due to an error on the part of Bill that zeroed his final few figures. Bill was able to come back on Saturday, though with a very clean free program to win over Alex. Alex is still getting used to his new mount; so, watch-out Bill.

Congratulate Dennie Thompson, who has moved-up to Unlimited. He has the plane for it and he's going for the challenge. Dennie took-on Steve Grohsmeyer and Mike Ciliberti, who placed first and second.

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President Parsons with Doug's Breezy Pitts
Ed and Tom on the judges' line
Manicured lawns with airplanes
The Maytown aerobatic country club
Chapter 52: Tom, Doug, Chris, Kendal, Mike, Scott, Alex, Dennie, Ed
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