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IAC 52 2004 News

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More Web Site Updates:

We have installed a brand-new message board on our Web site! It's a full-featured board, so unlike the previous board, you'll have to register and get an account to have full access. But when you do, you'll get nice perks like e-mail notification of replies to your posts, private messaging between registered members, and the ability to post polls. The board is set up with separate forums for Chapter Events, Members-Only posts, and general Flying Aerobatics subjects.

The Flying Aerobatics section is for general posts on, well... flying aerobatics! Post your frees here, discuss the ins and outs of snaps on 45 downlines, hold forth on how to decide when to move up, etc. Newbies and old hands are welcome!

The Chapter Events forum will be a place to go to find announcements and discussion on upcoming events of interest to IAC 52 members. Who's going to Maytown? When's the next practice session? Check in and find out here.

The Members-Only section will be limited to current Chapter 52 members, and will contain inside info on Chapter issues- items for the eyes of only members of Chapter 52. The message board administrator will verify that you are a member of Chapter 52 before you get access to this section.

The hope is that this message board can become a useful means of communicating with the Web-enabled members of our Chapter (that's you!). I encourage you to check it out and register!

[Ed. note: Message board feature was later removed due to lack of use and spam-bot attacks.]

Web Site Updates:

The pages listing area aviation events and IAC contests in our area have (finally) been updated! Check out the long list of fly-ins, air shows, seminars, and more, and the list of area contests as of 3/15. The Classifieds page has also been updated, including a new For Sale ad for the beloved Thin-Air Pitts S-2A (the partners are looking to step up!). [Ed. note: the S-2A went to Alan Cassidy, who shipped it to England] Finally, the Links page has been updated.

New KJC Contest Location!

The chapter is looking at a new location for our contest this year- Flying W Airport (N14) in Lumberton, NJ. This airport will be a great place to hold a contest. Everything we could want in a contest venue is there- and it's all right on the field! Check out this photo tour of Flying W, and you'll be impressed as well. The chapter leadership is currently working out the details with the FAA and airport management. We are also planning to introduce ourselves to the Flying W community by holding Chapter meetings and practice days at Flying W- come and help us make a good first impression! We are also investigating contest dates, with mid-July (the favored time), all of August, and all of September available. Keep in mind also that contest volunteers are needed for many positions- the advance setup team, starter, registration desk, safety inspection, computer scoring, and more. Stay tuned for more updates!

Kathy Jaffe Award Funding:

IAC Headquarters has informed our Chapter that the memorial fund for the Kathy Jaffe Volunteer Award (given annually by the IAC to an outstanding volunteer) may need an infusion of funding if it is to remain solvent. This award is named in honor of the late Kathy Jaffe, former Chapter 52 President, contest director, newsletter editor, contributor to Sport Aerobatics magazine, and tireless enthusiast for the sport of aerobatics. While we are still attempting to get all the details of the situation, this may be your chance to make a financial contribution to the memorial fund, and honor the memory of a beloved figure in our Chapter's history. Stay tuned for more information.

Chapter Meeting/Dinner Was Great!

The March 5, 2004 meeting of Chapter 52 was a smashing success! It was the best-attended, most enjoyable non-contest event our chapter has held in years. We combined the meeting with a dinner get-together at the 94th Bomb Group restaurant at Essex County Airport. It great to see lots of familiar faces, and catch up on everybody's news. But it was also wonderful to see so many new faces. You can catch some of those faces in this photo album of the event. Hopefully this was only the beginning of a new enthusiasm among our membership. We've got lots of great plans for the upcoming year, and all we need to bring them to fruition is for people to participate! Many thanks to Stephen Seidel, Ron Chadwick, and Alex Belov for putting this event together.

Chapter E-mail List Is Live!

Our chapter now has an e-mail "exploder"- sort of a mini version of the "acro" exploder, just for Chapter 52 members. The purpose of this e-mail list is to make it easy for our members to communicate with each other. Want to coordinate a chapter meeting or practice? Send a news flash to all your Chapter 52 pals? Let everyone know that you're selling your T and going Yak shopping? Just send a single e-mail message to the following address: "". The message will reach all the members that I have e-mail addresses for. Getting on and off the list is a manual process, so if anybody wants their e-mail address added or removed, contact your Webmaster (that's me).
[Ed. Note: Our mailman service now automates member list subscription management.]

Member List Updated, More Web Updates In Progress:

The member list page has been updated with the latest info available. Please have a look, and let the Webmaster know if anything needs correcting. This update is one of several that are under way here on our Web site. We've changed to a new Web hosting provider, and this allows us to use some nifty new technology to improve the way our Chapter uses the Internet (e.g., the mail list described above).

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