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Mark Mattioli
Laurie ZaleskiMark Mattioli

Kathy Jaffee Challenge Update: 2011

Despite the absence of our good friend Jason Flood from the competition, the KJC for 2011 went on. Perhaps as a tribute to him. Jason, as most of you know, was involved in an accident while towing banners a few days before the contest was to start. I know I speak for the fathers in the chapter when I say Jason is like a son to all of us. While he seems to be out of life-threatening danger, he has a long road ahead of him. We will be there to help him. That is the way this small, somewhat dysfunctional, but caring family works. You will find more information on contributing to a fund being set up for Jason at the end of this entry. Thank you Dave Crescenzo and Patty Anderson for setting this up.

Weather was absolutely gorgeous for the contest. Thursday was a practice day with a handful of pilots making it in to see the almost-fully marked box. When was the last time you saw that at a contest in the Northeast? Lise found herself stuck in Bradford County Pennsylvania due to weather. I am sure she has had more of central Pennsylvania that one can take!

Friday saw great weather, with all categories flying their first flight. Following the flights, the folks at the Taildragger Inn hosted a great BBQ, but this was not dogs and burgers. No, we were treated to some of the best prime rib any of us had ever had. Those who have been around chapter 52 know we are red meat carnivores, and know the difference. Thanks to Steve Lewis and his family. This was complete with fresh corn, and Jersey vegetables.

We woke to another beautiful day on Saturday. Joe Flood Sr. was there to talk to us and update us on Jason, and ask for our prayers. Joe, you know you have them. Flying immediately followed with yours truly first in the box for a make up flight of the know in intermediate. Sag and Wes Lui came through to rig a substitute radio after what turned out to be a bad PTT switch initially grounded me. Lets say that those who don’t think acro flying can be funny, did not see my flight, after I turned the wrong way on figure 3! Despite the sportsman pilots giving me a bottle of bourbon to get Aaron Ham drunk on Friday night, he would not drink, and went into Saturday in first place. He had to leave early, and hence, gave up his position. Rumor is that the other sportsman pilots told him weather was really bad, and he would need to leave immediately to make it home by Monday.

We completed all flying by the end of the day, all categories flying three flights, and even had time for the four minute free. John Fellenzer, flying unlimited flew 4 flights in one day. Wow, don’t know how he did it. The results are as follows:


  • 1. Philip Joseph;
  • 2. Zubair Khan.


  • 1. Anthony Catanese;
  • 2. Greg Stringer;
  • 3. Lise Lemeland.


  • 1. Paul Russo;
  • 2. Delbert Coller;
  • 3. William Gordon.


  • 1. Kirill Barsukov;
  • 2. Dan Tourgee;
  • 3. Hans Bok.


  • 1. Dennis Thompson;
  • 2. Steven Grohsmeyer;
  • 3. John Fellenzer.

Demonstrating that his heart is truly bigger than his mouth, and that is REALLY SAYING SOMETHING, F. Paul dedicated his first place trophy to Jason. Really nice touch. F. Paul, you may drive us all crazy, but despite how you piss us all off, you are a terrific guy! Next time you are flying safety pilot for someone, don’t key the microphone when you are talking, however!

Sunday saw some threatening weather in the afternoon, but everyone made it back safely.

Thanks to Barry Straga, Julie Olsen, Mark Benny, Ellen Wissing, Jim and Jean Lattanzi, Bill Schsiler, Steve and Terri Lewis and Jack Clements.

Please send contributions made payable to the "The Jason Flood Foundation" c/o David Crescenzo, 51 Waterfront Way, Hammonton, NJ 08037. You can follow Jason’s progress here

See you next year, and we expect Jason will clean our clocks.

Mark Mattioli

Wings & Wheels Air Show, 2011 at Teterboro Airport

    52s, take a look at the e-mail below, I received from Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of NJ: (S.P.)

Dear Sergey,

I wanted to follow-up the with you regarding our upcoming Wings & Wheels Air Show, 2011 at Teterboro Airport. The Air Show will be taking place on September 10th and 11th, hosted by the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum, and we are hoping that you and some of your members might be able to participate.

The New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame works tirelessly to continue its tradition of preserving NJ's aviation heritage, a mission that sprung from a deep respect for aviation in general. Through this Air Show, the Museum is able to reach out to, educate and inspire the entire community, young and old. Last year's Wings & Wheels was a wild success and we are hoping that you can participate to help make 2011's Wings & Wheels will be even better. The lineup of aircraft already committed to the event includes a P-47 Thunderbolt, a B-17 WWII bomber, a B-25 Mitchell, a couple of Northrop F-5s, a F-18, and a Cessna Skycatcher. In addition to our usual display of modern and vintage aircraft, marketplace, and vintage/modern automobiles, we are also planning a ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday September 11, 2011 at 11 A.M.

We would love it if you and some of your members would be able to bring an aircraft for static display. The air show runs 9am – 5 pm on Saturday, and 9am – 4 pm on Sunday. We ask our aircraft to come in either before 9 am on Saturday or to come Friday afternoon. Departure time is any time after 4 pm on Sunday. If you can only attend for one of the days, we can work with you on flexible arrival/departure times. I have attached our event flyer. and and our aircraft participation form. Please feel free to forward my information and these forms to anyone that may be interested. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact me.


Kathryn M. Chandler NJAHOF Volunteer (914) 220-6061

Miriam Levin
Laurie ZaleskiMiriam Levin

Meeting Minutes

Date: February 26, 2011

Place: Greenwood Lake Airport, Milford, New Jersey 4N1


  • Stephen Seidel, President
  • John Fellenzer, VP/Treasurer
  • Miriam Levin, Secretary
  • Jay Tesauro, Director
  • Robert Marsicano, Director
  • Bonnie Seldomridge
  • Kendal Simpson
  • Mark Mattioli
  • Sergey Prolagayev

On Skype:

  • Aaron Ham, Director
  • Eddie Ruhl
  • Steve Guletsky

Steve Seidel opened the meeting.

Chapter 52 Website

  • Sergey Prolagayev has taken over responsibility for
  • Chapter meeting dates for the year will be listed on the website.
  • Miriam Levin suggested that Officers and Directors be listed there.
  • Mark Mattioli recommended that the 501(c)4 Exemption Letter from the IRS be placed on the web site. Chapter 52 is a Community Benefit Organization.
  • Current scheduled Northeast contests are already listed.

Treasurer’s Report

  • John Fellenzer reported that the Chapter has $7,521 in its bank account and $2,500 in its PayPal account. Total cash on hand is $10,021.00 with no pending liabilities or debt.

Health and Welfare

  • Kendal and wife are expecting the birth of their baby any day now.
  • Rob Marsicano announced that he and Bonnie Seldomridge plan to be married soon.
  • Check with Rob about Pig Roast celebration at Candlelight airpark in Conn.

Judge’s School

  • IAC Chapter 35 is hosting a Judge’s School, March 12-13 at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH.
  • If you plan to attend the Judge’s School, contact Farrell Woods.
  • Details about the Judge’s School can be found on the site under Headlines.


  • Currently dates and a venue for the Kathy Jaffe Challenge have not been established.
  • Jersey Skylands Aerobatic Championships Contest Director is John Fellenzer. Jay Tesauro is Assistant CD.
  • Chapter 52 will support Regional trophies again this year.
  • Currently scheduled Northeast aerobatic contests are listed on

Jersey Skylands Aerobatic Championships

JSAC Responsibilities
  • Jay Tesauro, Asst CD – Hotels, Cars, T-shirts
  • CJs – Greg Dungan, Jim Wells
  • VC – Ann Salcedo
  • Admin (Registration and Scoring) – Miriam Levin
  • Safety/Tech – Aaron Ham, Kendal Simpson (if not working)
  • Starter – Jay Tesauro
  • Contest Setup – Aaron Ham
  • Box Setup – Rob Marsicano, Aaron Ham
  • Waiver – Dennis Thompson
  • Awards – Steve Seidel
Recommendations for JSAC
  • In general, “keep it simple.” FLY, EAT, DRINK (soda).
  • Keep costs down as much as reasonable.
  • Keep the flying hours as long as possible.
  • Use Holiday Inn Express if possible. Otherwise, investigate Doubletree Hotel.
  • Have a simple “grill out” on Thursday and Friday night.
  • Make the Banquet a fun get-together with good food but no need to get dressed up.
  • Hand out left-over shirts from previous contests.
  • Use old flight medals for flights 4 and 5.
  • Do not put pilot pictures on award plaques because it is an onerous task for our photographer, Laurie Zaleski.
  • Look for contest sponsors.
JSAC Budget
  • The amount charged to contestants will depend on whether or not the Chapter has to pay for insurance.

Practice Boxes

  • Dennis Thompson is handling this.
  • Suggested practice boxes:
  • Woodbine
    Millville. It is doubtful that Millville would be available.
    Zerby [ZER]. Close to Pottsville. Has fuel.
    Cold Spring (Kalko Airport)

Practice Sessions

  • Need to be better organized and run like contest practice so pilots get more time in the box.
  • Having a Starter would make the practice more efficient.
  • Improve communication to members about practice sessions.
  • Encourage judges, etc. to come to practice sessions.

Community Outreach

  • Provide information about aerobatics at airshows and aviation expos.
  • Following are some opportunities:
  • Greenwood Lake Airshow
  • Millville Wings and Wheels Airshow. Mark volunteered to do something there.
  • Atlantic City Thunder over the Boardwalk. Would it be possible to set up a booth there?
  • Westchester County Aviation Expo – May 19 & 20. Aaron volunteered to bring his airplane there for 2 days. Aaron will work for 1 day. Miriam volunteered to work 1 day.
  • Miriam volunteered to get information about the Westchester Flying Club as well as flight schools on the field.

Sun N’Fun Meet Up

  • If anyone is planning to go to Sun N’Fun, please post it on the exploder.
  • Steve would like to plan get-togethers on a couple of evenings with Chapter 52 members who are there.

Social Networking Enhancement to IAC52.ORG

  • Rob Marsicano, with help from Sergey Prolagayev, is working to create a more interactive web site which is open to everyone with any interest in acro.
  • Improve the Profile page by enabling addition of Facebook profile data.
  • Enable users to share photos placed on Flickr or Picasso.
  • Rob is asking for feedback from members when enhancements are added.

Respectfully submitted by Miriam Levin, Secretary

Stephen Seidel
Laurie ZaleskiStephen Seidel

Chapter Meeting

Our first meeting of the year will be held Saturday February 26, 2011 at Greenwood Lake airport in Milford, NJ 4N1 Start time will be 11:00 and the meeting should take no longer than a couple of hours. Please RSVP me to confirm your attendance.

For those of you cannot make it but still wish to participate on your computer or smart phone, Rob will be setting up a Skype link so that you can join in via video or audio conference. Rob will provide details.

Discussion Topics:

  • Judges school
  • Chapter 52 contests:
    • JASAC
    • Wildwoods Acroblast
    • Kathy Jaffe Challenge
  • New Interactive social media website
  • Practice sessions
  • New aerobatic practice boxes
  • Community outreach to flying clubs, flight schools etc.
  • Sun N Fun meet up.
  • Booths at local Air shows
  • Stephen Seidel, President IAC-52

    Farrell Woods
    Laurie ZaleskiFarrell Woods

    Introduction to Aerobatic Judging School. Chapter 35

      Our Northern neighbors from Chapter 35 would like to inform everyone about Introduction to Aerobatic Judging School. Take a look at the announcement below. If you have any questions, pleae ask Farrell Woods or Stephen Seidel. (S.P.)

    Here's an update on our upcoming 2011 Introduction to Aerobatic Judging School.

    Dates: Saturday March 12, Sunday March 13

    Times: Class begins at 0800 on Saturday. Expect 0800 on Sunday; be happy if Greg decides to start a little later. :-)

    Where: The class will be held at Daniel Webster College in Nashua NH.

    The college is adjacent to the Nashua airport, KASH. It is also not far from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, KMHT.

    We have a room in Daniel Webster Hall, which is the main admin/classroom building on the campus. The street address is 20 University Drive in Nashua NH. I STRONGLY suggest using Google Maps to figure out how to get there; as of now the college web site does not appear to offer any sort of functional map or directions.

    In Google Maps, Daniel Webster Hall is the cruciform-shaped building on the west side of University Drive. Go to and search for "daniel webster college nashua nh" (without the quotes). It may help to zoom in a bit to get the street names. That's KASH just north of the campus.

    You all are welcome to look also here. But as I said I cannot glean much useful info at this time. I've registered a complaint about this; hopefully I'll get a positive response. There is a visitor parking lot across the street from Daniel Webster Hall which will have enough parking for our activity. We will have signs in the building to direct you to the classroom.

    Our Instructor: We're fortunate again to have Greg Dungan as our insturctor. He is the chairperson for judges' certification at IAC; a number of you have interacted with Greg at contests where he's served as Chief Judge at a number of our contests. He's a great instrctor and mentor!

    Accomodations: North Nashua has a number of decent hotels. Closest is the Best Western Granite Inn; this is co-located with a "99" restaurant, which is a decent local restaurant chain. I've had reports in the past though that the hot water in the morning was lacking... There is a relatively new Hampton Inn just north of the Nashua airport. There's also a Crowne Plaza and a Marriott nearby.

    Again I suggest a Google search for "nashua hotel" (without the quotes). In the map that appears in the upper-right, the clump of hotels north and east of "Boire Field" are the closest to the school venue. The others that you will see are in the south part of the city. They're also not far from Daniel Webster College but they're a bit further away vs. the other hotels.

    There are numerous restaurants in the area, mostly along Amherst St.aka Rt. 101A. I or one of the locals can provide guidance and opinions.

    We also take our instructor out to dinner on Saturday Evening. Please let me know if you are interested in joining us for that. This is always a great opportunity to learn what's happening at the IAC, and of course Greg's a really amazing and interesting person to talk to.

    What YOU need to bring:

    • Please bring your own note paper and writing utensils
    • Please bring your checkbook. The cost of the class is not precisely known at the moment - I apologize for that. In the past the cost has been around $75 for the two-day course. That included copies of course materials (excluding the IAC Offical Contest Rules and Arest catalog - more in these in a moment), and lunch on Saturday. Plan on writing a check for around $100. The reasons for this are that I do not know yet what we'll get charged by IAC, and I also plan on supplying lunch on BOTH saturday and Sunday. A couple years ago I dragged people to the airport restaurant, which although good was a bit over-taxed when we showed up.
    • Aresti Aerobatic Figure Catalog. This is a copyrighted work which is exclusively available here: I will note that the curiously named "anticrisis" version is somewhat cheaper. I have asked if there will be any catalog changes for 2011; so far I am not aware of any but I do not have a definitive answer just yet.
    • 2011 IAC Official Contest Rule Book.The 2011 rule book has not yet been published. When it is, it will be available here: You can do a couple things here. One is that you might be able to abuse your employer and print your own copy after hours. I cannot endorse this but I know some folks have done it. If you're really hip you can load this up on your laptop/netbook/kindle/iPad and bring that. I will see what the cost of printing this at the local FedEx/Kinkos might be; in the past the bulk price was around $15. If you're interested then please let me know and I'll price it out.

    You can monitor the Exploder for the announcement of the 2011 Rule Book; I'll also send a note to this list.

    What WE provide:

    • Donuts/bagels/coffee etc. on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
    • Lunch on Sat/Sun. We usually provide a small sandwich and chips and drinks for lunch. In the past we brought people to the airport café on Sunday but this slowed us up in 2009 so we'll provide lunch in the classroom again in the interest of efficiencey.
    • Course materials. Usually there are handouts/slides as part of the course. We will provide copies of these materials which you can pick up in class.


    I have the following folks for the two-day course:
    • Sheldon Apsell
    • Francesco Pallozzi
    • Mark Rogge
    • Marc Nathanson
    • Chuck Cohen
    • Jennifer Swett
    • David Shaver
    • Ray Moorman
    • Missy Zils + 2
    • David Shaver
    • Dan Tourgee

    I have the following for the Sunday refresher:

    • Farrell Woods
    • Wes Liu
    • Jay Hewett
    • Hans Bok
    • John Perkins
    • Guenther Eichhorn
    • Jim Wells
    • Neville Hogan
    • Byron Brumbaugh

    If you've changed your mind then please let me know. If you are NOT on the list but wish to attend then please let me know. We have room for approximately 25 people in the classroom.

    Any questions? Please contact me directly Best regards and a Happy New Year to all.

    -- Farrell

    Stephen Seidel
    Laurie ZaleskiStephen Seidel

    Changing the guard again

    Starting January 1st I will be relieving Sergey of his leadership role as president of IAC 52 and take on that position once again. Thank you Sergey for a job well done.

    We have new and energized executive board and have some exciting plans for the new year. Our main focus will be to reach out throughout our chapter and to the NE Region as well to bring our dormant or less active members back into the fold.

    To achieve this we plan to hold regular meetings encouraging all members to attend, revamp our already excellent website to be the predominant source for regional Acro news, articles and Acro e-commerce. and Bi weekly compact email blasts. We are planning more practice weekends for fliers, judges and assistants, Chapter participation with More GA activities such as Airport days, Pennies a pound fund raisers with the 99’s, Young Eagle weekends, a spin training weekend, community outreach to flying clubs and area flight schools, and of course our 3 well attended aerobatic competitions held in Jersey. As you see, there are lots of opportunities for chapter members, pilots, non pilots, spouses and friends to get involved in what we all love to do.

    I encourage the leadership in our neighboring chapters to join me and my board to make 2011 a year to remember for our membership and our region.

    Stephen Seidel

    2011 term President

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