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IAC 52 2009 News
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August, 2010
Sergey ProlagayevAugust, 2010


Sergey Prolagayev commissioned this beautiful Northeast Region, Aerobatic Club Calendar, 2010. Twenty five or so of our members have them, to enjoy our friends for 2010!

Contact Sergey if you would like one. Thank you, Sergey!

Kirill, Veronica & Michael
Laurie ZaleskiKirill, Veronica & Michael

Annual Dinner

Our annual dinner was a blast on December 12, 2009 at Maggiano's in Phili. Eligible hot aerobatic pilot bachelors and the Northeast's best couples attended for great food and great company. Stephen Seidel showed us a touching and humorous tribute to IAC Chapter 52 and then handed-out hand crafted awards for the Northeast regional series. Check out the Chapter 52 annual dinner to see fun photos, and Intermediate regional champion Larry "Ice Man" Bashore reveal a surprise under his tuxedo.

Staying in the Aerobatic Box: Kathy Jaffe Challenge
Lise LemelandStaying in the Aerobatic Box: Kathy Jaffe Challenge

Aerobatics as Art

Kathy Jaffe Challenge first time competitor Lise Lemeland shared this painting inspired by her experience. In her words,

"I thought you might like to see this painting- just finished recently, actually. It's called 'Staying in the Aerobatic Box: Kathy Jaffe Challenge' -- self-explanatory!

"The sectional is of the Flying W area, and the Flying W is buried in the lower right hand corner under some patterns. Oil on canvas, 62 x 82 inches."

You can see more of Lise' aerobatic inspired art at Watch the December issue of Sport Aerobatics for her article relating art to aerobatics. We all know that aerobatics is an art. Lise takes it to a beautiful new place.

Alex Belov
Laurie ZaleskiAlex Belov

Blue Bowl Celebration

Fall fun for the Blue Bowl at Charles G. Kalko airport Saturday, October 31st (rain date Sunday, November 1st). Halloween Blue Bowl. Prizes for flying. Prizes for best costume. Airport details here. Multicom Frequency: 122.9 Hope you can come!

Your hosts, Alex & Marina Belov and Marti Kalko.

Here are some pictures from the 2009 Blue Bowl

Clockwise around table: Mark Mattioli, Ron Chadwick, Ron Saglimbene, Stephen Siedel, Scott Jordan, Scott Kirk, Miriam Levin, Eddie Ruhl
Jay TesauroClockwise around table: Mark Mattioli, Ron Chadwick, Ron Saglimbene, Stephen Siedel, Scott Jordan, Scott Kirk, Miriam Levin, Eddie Ruhl
On time on target
Jay TesauroOn time on target

Chapter Meeting Saturday 10/17

A nice group of 52 leaders met at the home of Jay Tesauro at Alexandria Airport (N85) on the afternoon of Saturday, October 17. They discussed contests past and contests future, and celebrated the birthday of Scott Jordan. Congratulations, Scott.

Stephen Siedel, Jay Tesauro, Scott Kirk, Scott Jordan
Stephen Siedel, Jay Tesauro, Scott Kirk, Scott Jordan

Greenwood Lake Airshow

Our Chapter 52 appearance at the Greenwood Lake Airshow, September 26, & 27 was a success. We had a few serious inquiries about IAC membership, a lot of enthusiasm about a potential competition at Greenwood Lake, and we supported an appreciative 4N1 staff.

Read more about it

Aerobatics Presentation

Many thanks for attending our EAA Chapter 501 meeting on Wednesday, 9 September at Lincoln Park Airport. Special thanks to Steve Seidel and Ron Chadwick for introducing us all to IAC activities with the great A/V presentation.

See photos and stories about Ron and Stephen making presentations, and a photograph of Ron Saglimbene's Marchetti at the Greenwood Lake Airshow in this EAA Chapter 501 newsletter.

Dennie Thompson on the Four Minute Program
Laurie ZaleskiDennie Thompson on the Four Minute Program

2009 Kathy Jaffe Challenge

The 2009, 11th annual Kathy Jaffe Challenge hosted another round of the Northeast regional aerobatic series on August 14th through 16th at the Flying W, Lumberton, NJ.

Chapter 52's Jay Tesauro swept a field of five Primary competitors, gaining 81.5% of possible points in his Decathlon four one alpha charlie. Jason Flood, Grant Russell, and Aaron Ham, all from Fifty-two, grabbed first, second, and third from a field of seventeen Sportsman. Jason had 85.6% of all possible points, and cleanly captured the Grass Roots in his Pitts S1S. Best first time Sportsman went to Lise Lemeland with Executive Flyers.

Intermediate found the perennial Larry Bashore in first, followed by Fifty-two's Kirill Barsukov in his Yak 55 and John Fellenzer in the dart-like Giles 200. Lucky thirteen competitors battled in Intermediate. Larry's first place standing required 81.4% of points against Kirill's 80.36%.

Advanced went to Fifty-two Sergey Prolagayev. Who else? Dave Watson from California and Dan Salcedo from Florida took second and third in a field of six, flying borrowed airplanes.

Four Unlimited competitors finished in order, Bob Cipoli, Dennie Thompson, Brett Hunter, and Kendal Simpson. They flew a four minute free on Sunday in which Fifty-two's Dennie and Kendal prevailed.

Full contest results and photographs.

2009 Kathy Jaffe Challenge contest announcement

Kendal Simpson's S2S in front of the IAC building with the airshow crowd
Douglas LovellKendal Simpson's S2S in front of the IAC building with the airshow crowd

Fifty Two at AirVenture

IAC Chapter 52 was well represented at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI this year. We saw Kendal Simpson, the Flood family, Dennie Thompson, Laurie Zaleski, Mike Josi, Aaron Ham, Doug Lovell, Ann Salcedo, and Kurt Stofko all attended.

Fifty-two at AirVenture

Site of the Green Mountain Aerobatic Challenge
Douglas LovellSite of the Green Mountain Aerobatic Challenge

Fifty Two in the Green Mountains

Chapter 52 went on a timber harvest in the Green Mountains for the weekend of July 10-12. The Green Mountains provided a beautiful setting for a contest and Chapter 35 were gracious and sporting hosts.

2009 Green Mountain Aerobatic Challenge story and pictures.

Scott Kirk, Sergey Prolagayev, Michel Zeltkevic
Scott JordonScott Kirk, Sergey Prolagayev, Michel Zeltkevic

Hammonton Practice

We had many great practice sessions led by Sergey Prolagayev at Hammonton over the summer. Here are a few pictures from Scott Jordon of our practice on July 25th.

Hammonton practice session.

Ron Chadwick and Mark Cigal form up on Scott Jordan
Stephen SeidelRon Chadwick and Mark Cigal form up on Scott Jordan

Randolph 4th July Parade FlyBy

Weather allowed Scott Jordan, Mark Cigal, Rob Marsicano, and Ron Chadwick to report to Stephen Seidel at Blairstown airfield on Friday, July 3rd. After a brief practice, they flew off to give the Randolph Fourth of July Parade three formation flybys.

2009 Randolph FlyBy story and pictures.

Acroblast wrapup

The 2009 Wildwoods Acroblast is in the books. Competitors from 52 in Sportsman were Jason and Joe Flood who took first and third, Aaron Ham, Scott Jordan, Bob Sabbatino, Michael Zeltkevic, and Mark Mattioli; Kirill Barsukov took third Intermediate with Jim Wells, John Fellenzer, Stephen Seidel, and Will Morey; Doug Lovell and Sergey Prolagayev took second and third Advanced, with Ron Chadwick and Rob Marsicano. Fifty-two's Kendal Simpson and Dennie Thompson were the sole Unlimited Competitors. Kendal won the contest and Dennie won the four minute free.

2009 Wildwoods Acroblast wrapup.

Practice makes perfect
Laurie ZaleskiPractice makes perfect

2009 Spring Training Dates

Join IAC Chapter 52 in the Spring for training, critique, and celebration of the return of good flying weather. Current dates are:
April 4
Hammonton (N81). Organizer Dennie Thompson
April 18, 19
Greenwood Lake Airport (4N1) 9 to 5 Saturday, 10 to 2 Sunday. Organizer Doug Lovell
May 30-31
Greenwood Lake Airport (4N1) (waiver pending) 9 to 7 Saturday, 10 to 2 Sunday. Organizer Rob Marsicano (details) Here is (an album of pictures)
June 20
Last chance before Wildwood, at Hammonton (N81).
Eddie Ruhl, Doug Lovell, Stephen Seidel, Miriam Levin
Sergei ProlagayevEddie Ruhl, Doug Lovell, Stephen Seidel, Miriam Levin

Practice and Presentation at Greenwood Lake

The practice at Greenwood Lake on April 18 came-off without a hitch. Stephen Seidel introduced fifty pilots to competition aerobatics, IAC, and Chapter 52. See a write-up and an album of photographs.

Plane Talk recognizes Ron "Wick" Chadwick, Sag, and 52 Pride

See this article by Lauran Paine, Jr. from the December, 2008 issue of EAA Sport Aviation, reprinted with permission, about our own Ron Chadwick and the Ron Chadwick Chapter Supremacy Award. Thanks to Scott Kirk for supplying the PDF.

Kathy Jaffe Safety Seminar

The Mid-Atlantic Pilots Association (MAPA) & AOPA Air Safety Foundation present, "GPS From the Ground Up." Thursday, March 19, 2009. 7 - 9pm. County College of Morris. Student Community Center (SCC). Main Cafeteria 214 Center Grove Road. Randolph, NJ 07869-2086. 973-328-5000

Aerobatic Judging School

Join us in beautiful downtown Philadelphia on March 14th and 15th to learn the ins and outs of aerobatic competition, how to watch, how to judge. Post & Schell has volunteered it's excellent conference facility for the class. Find complete information here.

My Year in Aerobatics

Thanks to Scott Jordan for sharing his experiences of his first full year as a competitor flying his Vans RV-8. Read his story.
Wildwoods Flight Line
Laurie ZaleskiWildwoods Flight Line
The Ron Chadwick Chapter Supremacy Award
Laurie ZaleskiThe Ron Chadwick Chapter Supremacy Award

2008 Wrap-up

We kicked-off a new contest and a new trophy in 2008. The Wildwoods Acroblast produced by Will Morey and Directed by Craig Wisman was a big highlight to the competition year in the northeast. The Ron Chadwick Chapter Supremacy award at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge got national attention for its namesake and show of 52 spirit. Sergey Prolagayev, Jim Wells, Rob Marsicano, and Kirill Barsukov booked the inaugural win for fifty-two not without challenge from Chapter 11. First year competitor in an RV-8, Scott Jordan won the second place Northeast regional trophy in Primary. Will Morey won the Northeast regional trophy in Sportsman. Double agent Jim Wells won the regional trophy in Intermediate. Sergei Prolagayev won the regional trophy in Advanced. Dennie Thompson won the second place Unlimited. Jason "the kid" Flood gave Will Morey and Wes Jones a tight race in Sportsman flying his first year as a private pilot not to mention making the cover of GA News. Stephen Seidel and Seidel's Air Force came through again for the Morris Plains parade committee. Doug Lovell and John Fellenzer brought a spiffy Giles 200 into the club. Alex and Marina Belov organized a super Blue Bowl with our ever gracious and delightful host Marti Kalko. Ever popular on this site are our pictures pictures pictures from beautiful and talented Laurie Zaleski.

All of the (printed) news from 2008

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