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IAC 52 2007 News
IAC 52 2007 News

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Aerobatics in an RV-8

Member Scott Jordan has shared this story with us about his introduction to doing competition-style aerobatics with Chapter 52 in his RV-8.

Flying Flood

Look out aerobats! Our very own Jason Flood is now a Private Pilot. What does that mean? Well.... He can compete, for one. Jason, shown here with his Father Joe and the Piper Clipper he flew as a dual machine, has been flying a single seat Pitts on supervised solo for most of his student pilot career. On Wednesday, December 19th he passed his check ride and officially joined our ranks as a qualified aerobatic competitor. Read Jason's story about how he finished his Private Pilot cross country and night requirements, then passed the big test.

Contest organizational meeting

We will have an organizational meeting on January 12, 2008 at Greenwood Lake Airport, (4N1) beginning at 1:00pm to begin preparation for the Kathy Jaffe Challenge and the (secret, soon to be no secret) Wildwood (WWD) contest we're planning in conjunction with Chapter 58.

Critique and Training With Michael Goulian and Matt Chapman

Ever wonder what it takes to become one of the best airshow or competitor pilots in the world, or fly in the Red Bull Air Race?

Mark your calendar for March 28-30, 2008 to learn from not one, but TWO former national team members, and airshow aces-- Michael Goulian and Matt Chapman.

Join world class competitors Michael Goulian and Matt Chapman for a training and critique session at the Flying W airport. Michael and Matt will provide training and critique for all competitor levels. This is a chance to work with two of the best airshow pilots on the circuit, and former national team members.

Executive Flyers will bring the school's Decathlon and Extra 300L for dual training. Michael and Matt will walk us through the sequences, and provide top quality coaching from the ground. Dual instruction with one of Mike's instructors will be available to all. This is a fabulous opportunity so please mark your calendars. The Flying-W hotel will offer a discount rate to participants. More details will follow shortly. Critique/training with Michael and Matt will be free. There will be a charge for dual instruction.

Chapter 52 Holiday Party and Annual Meeting

IAC Chapter 52 held its annual meeting to elect and install new directors on December 8, 2007 at the Flying W airport. The club elected Ron Chadwick, Douglas Lovell, Ron Saglimbene, Stephen Seidel, and Dennis Thompson as directors. The Avion Restaurant at Flying-W Airport served-up an excellent five course meal.

Kathy Jaffe Challenge Photographs

Everyone will find images to enjoy in this crop of over 1000 photographs from Laurie Zaleski. We are truly fortunate. Savour the bounty.

Third Annual Blue Bowl

The third annual Blue Bowl, invented by Dennie Thompson, was dominated by our former champ and President Alex Belov, who showed us how to make lines and corners in the Model 12 every bit as sharply as he used to do in his S1T.

Sag, aka "Dr. Smoke" impressed our crowd of judges with his colored smoke and sleek, fast, red Marcheti. Next was Seidel, who snapped and spun his "Orange Crush" to oooh's and aaah's from everyone watching.

All told, nine pilots thrilled our gathering of friends and compatriots for a fun filled Fall picnic at Kalko airport.

Information and announcement.

Photo album.

The Columbia County Kline Kill Patch

The Columbia County Kline Kill Patch at Kline Kill Airport (NY1) on Saturday, October 13, 2007 was a success. Nine pilots flew for patch with Doug and Stephen providing scores. Five more flew for practice and critique. Two new members were attracted to the opportunity to fly in a relaxed, non-contest environment for something other than trophies. We introduced a young eagle to aviation. The airport got a boost with the local community. It was a big win-win all over. See the wrap up for some photos and the full story.

Chapter Meeting

We had a chapter meeting on September 29, 1:00pm local at the Flying W Airport Resort (N14). Mark M., Ron C., Ron S., Stephen S., JD(Chapter 58), Chris G., Jason and Marcus, Sergey, and Jay T. attended.

We set the Blue Bowl date for November 3rd. The WWD contest is coming along nicely, with an additional meeting to take place on October 4th with the FSDO. Chapters 52 and 58 will jointly sponsor the contest. Due to some venue issues, JD advises there there is some uncertainty regarding the Maytown contest. Nothing has been decided at this point. We also discussed moving the KJC to early May or late September. Express your preferences to Ron C.

We discussed creating committees to assist in contest preparation. Ron and Stephen especially, with Miriam and Doug did most of the precontest work this year. Others are welcome to join. We will start organizing for 2008 in January. Contact Mark with your availability to help prepare for the contest.

We discussed practices, and appropriate utilization of the Hammonton box. Problems may occur when there is unauthorized use of the box. If someone is in the box without going thorough the procedure to open it, they are operating in violation and can face FAA action. Use of the box requires permission from either Dennis T. or Ron S., who hold the waivers.

Our new bylaws allow us to have from 3 to 9 directors to be elected in December. We currently have three. We will increase that to 5. Directors are elected by the members. If you are interested in election or re-election, please submit your name to Doug. The election will occur in December at the holiday dinner and annual meeting.

Finally, one member indicated after the meeting that he has not been receiving any chapter e-mails. We had a problem with some e-mail services blocking our e-mails, including the initial exploder sign-up e-mail. If you or a member you know is having this problem, see the chapter exploder information page (requires membership) or contact Doug to get straight with the chapter email communication link.

Kathy Jaffe Challenge

The 2007, 9th annual Kathy Jaffe Challenge came-off on Thursday, August 24th through Sunday, August 26th. The Flying-W airport resort in Lumberton, NJ was our host again for a third year. There is no venue finer for valiantly flying vertical figures. It is our wildly wonderful location for aerobatic locution. Participate in this super aerobatic event as enthusiast, volunteer, judge, and/or pilot. The finest pilots in the Northeast flew at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge. See the link for news and results.

Press Release: Kathy Jaffe Challenge

Ray Franke with Chris Getz at Sun-n-Fun

Changing of the Guard

Our interim President, Chris Getz asked our board of directors to approve Mark Mattioli as pilot-in-command until November elections and the board approved.

Chris writes, "Mark brings fresh perspectives to our club as well as a seasoned, professional approach to the challenges of sustaining the growth that is needed for a healthy organization. We can all anticipate exciting times ahead as we continue to develop and redefine our scope."

Chris has led our chapter with steady hand and calm influence as we have grown in numbers and programs, and gained strength as a club. He signed-up to lead the chapter temporarily, then served with dedication for about two years. Under his guidance we have better organized chapter finances, membership, and leadership. Mark inherits a strong and vital chapter organization.

We thank Chris for all he has done and extend our welcome to Mark Mattioli.

Alex and Marina at the Blue Bowl, 2006


Our web site founder, three term President, ace advanced competitor, regional champion, true blue 52, Pitts pilot, and briefly Yak rider has taken the pledge with his beautiful Russian princess. Alex and Marina are now family, joined in marriage, partners in crime. Congratulations to you both from Chapter 52.

Charles G. Kalko Airport sign

Charles G. Kalko Airport

Stephen and Doug flew up to Charles G. Kalko airport on the weekend of July 7,8 to critique pilots. We had Pitts Model 12, S2B, S1T, S1S; a Super Decathlon, and a Zlin show up with John H., Ray, John F., Rob, and Michael. Everyone improved.

The airport is beautiful as ever. We spruced up the numbers 36 while Marti swept-out the hangar. Best of all, the airport sign we dedicated at the Blue Bowl last November now hangs high over the airport. Marti had it mounted on the southern end of the hangar in the Spring. Here's are a few photographs of the Charles G. Kalko Airport Sign

Ron Chadwick

Sun-n-Fun 2007

Quite a few members of Chapter 52 had more than a little fun at Sun-n-Fun this year. Here are some photos from Laurie Zaleski.

boxCalc screen shot

Aerobatic Box Plotter

Plot an aerobatic box anywhere in the world over a map or satelite view using this box plotting tool from Gus Fraser.

52 in the News

Check out the June 2007 issue of Sport Aerobatics. Mark Mattioli wrote a big feature article about legal aerobatics. Miriam Levin and Doug Lovell get credit for helping Ann Salcedo at Sun-n-Fun. Ray Franke, Kendall Simpson, and Dennie Thompson get pictured as Northeast Regional trophy winners.

Kirby Chambliss with Rob Marsicano

Brush with Glory

Kirby Chambliss, five time United States National Aerobatic Champion and 2006 Champion of the Red Bull air race stopped by Hammonton during the first week of June to face-off with Gary Gardella, the Red Bull drag racer. They pitted Kirby's 300hp EDGE against Gary's 1400hp Chevy. (It was a tie.) Some of those who showed for our weekend practice got a treat to meet Kirby, who is more famous in some circles than Brad Pitt. Pictured is Rob Marsicano talking with Kirby about competition, air-shows, and not least of all the Red Bull air race.

Morris Plains Memorial

Stephen Seidel organized a flyover for the town of Morris Plains, NJ Memorial Day parade. Stephen, Ron Chadwick, Rob Marsicano, Rob Holland, and Chris Getz flew a diamond formation twice along the parade route. They finished with a missing-man pass in tribute to those who have not returned alive from the defence of our nation.

John Homrok with the Macho Stinker at Candlelight Farms

Macho Stinker at Candlelight

You saw it on the cover of the April issue of Sport Aerobatics. You saw it at the Kimbal tent at Sun-n-Fun. This centerfold came home to Chapter 52. That's right. She belongs to John Homrok. John bought the plane from the builder, Al DiGiullo. Larry King brought it to Candlelight farms (11N) near New Milford, CT where John bases.

This Pitts Model 12 is a lot of airplane, but the handling is all Pitts, with control harmony just like an S2B. The upper wingspan is twenty-two feet. The lower is twenty-one feet. It's nineteen feet, eight inches long and weighs about 1,530 pounds empty. The powerplant is a 620cc Vedeneyev M14P radial piston engine that makes 360 horsepower and yields 1,600 pounds of thrust.

Spin Training Workshop at the W

Fourteen fortunate pilots took to the skies with Bill Finagin in his Aviat Pitts S2C during the month of April. Fourteen fortunate pilots received innoculations against the "brain lock" that can occur when we lose control of an airplane. They received some of the finest, most advanced safety training available to a pilot. View the complete story.

Formation Clinic and Chapter Meeting

We had a terrific meetup on Saturday, February 10 at the W. Ron Chadwick, retired USAF Captain, pilot of the F100 Super Sabre, F105 Thunderchief and Pitts S-2C provided tips on departing, joining, flying and landing in formation. Read these notes from Ron to get a hint of some of what was covered.

Congratulations to Dennie Thompson for winning the Northeast Region trophy for the Unlimited category in 2006.

CIVA Adds Figures to Category Five

There are lots of new ways to hammer! How do you embellish a hammer? Octagonal entries and exits. Add a forty-five degree line going-in or coming-out. Allow a half roll on those lines. You do the math. Category five now has not four, but (count-em) thirty-six figures for your hammerhead pallet.

There's something for everyone, here. The plain-vanilla, upright forty-five entry or exit is good for Sportsman. The rolling and inverted combinations give Advanced and Unlimited competitors interesting new places to build high-K figures. We can thank the Brit's for flying these before the CIVA Catalogue Sub-committee, who ratified them last year, on November 4th at the CIVA plenary in Krakow, Poland.

What our Members are Building

You have to love this Pitts created by John F. for his adoring fans. Just like Dad's! John notes that the wings, I struts and tail feathers have been upgraded from the stock plans of 3/8" type AC plywood to 1/2" birch. He also notes that nose cone and propeller have completed the picture, The source of power remains as before-- the power of love (sing it!) and little legs.

2006 Wrap-up

We had an amazing contest at the Flying-W led by Ron Chadwick. Amazing. It turned-out to be the only good, fully flown contest of the year. Weather interfered with every other contest in the Northeast.

Kendal started competing at Unlimited, sold his Ultimate, and bought a Model 12 project. Doug organized a well-attended judges school, started Intermediate, and got low-low twice in a row. Kirrill took first place in Sportsman at the KJC. Gus got best first time Sportsman. Sergei earned gold at AWAC for his free flight, and ended sixth of sixty-three pilots. John Nafziger took first in Primary, did a training camp, bought a Yak, and jumped to Intermediate. Mark organized an intro to aerobatics seminar that's brought our only new members for the year, and corralled us for a super fun Winter party.

Dennie became the IAC Eastern FAA Waiver representative due in no small part to experience negotiating our contest waiver, and others, year for year. Let's forget Farmville. Dennie more than once helped rescue a few of our stranded airplanes by boppin' us over in the Bonanza. Ray moved up to Advanced. Stephen introduced two more winning competitors, entertained us with our bloopers, and otherwise "excelled at mediocraty." Marti has opened heart and home to us for some great practice and play times. What could possibly be more fun than Chapter 52?

All of the (printed) news from 2006

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