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Statue of Liberty from a Pitts. Photo by Richard Klarich
in memory of fallen on 9/11...

NOAA Has Cancelled Winter

Well, no not really but it looks like it. It was December 1st and about 65 degrees. We broke records for warmest December days and kept flying without using any preheat. Ain't life grand sometimes!! (sorry, working for The Weather Channel I can smalltalk weather for hours!)

December Meeting at Lincoln Park

(Report by Ron Chadwick, Vice President, IAC52)

Vertical junkies one and all, lend and ear (or eye in this case) and you shall be informed.

We had our monthly meeting of sorts was attended by president for life Belov, yours truly, Olga, Miriam and a new guy, (Steve is training him now) We were all in agreement that a judges school was definitely in order. I am planning on judging this year and Olga, Miriam and Alex all want to get "the nod", so I will be contacting the IAC about the appropriate paperwork and Taco on his thoughts about a joint effort. I might even get a hold of chapter 113 too. We are at a loss for a location. Lincoln Park is okay for one school, but we want to hold basic and

advanced and that will take two classrooms. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

A new contest site is in order. Spence was going to look into Millville. I think Hammonton is a no go due to lack of hangar space. I checked out Arner Memorial in PA and it has definite possibilities. I asked Spence about Woodbine but I hear it is in the middle of nowhere and no hangars. Any confirmation on that? We are going to need a serious effort on this people if we want to change sites. I am willing to do the detailed inspection of the local premises if I can get a few places to look at. Please do some looking and let me know what you come up with. Ron Sheradin has volunteered to get us a few more boxes to practice in and I know he would appreciate a little help on the paperwork Sags. Thank you.(sorry about those Army pukes kicking the Navy's ass Saturday) I have not ruled out Sullivan Co. by any means, but I think it would prudent of us to seek other digs. Nuff said.

There seems to be a few new faces around that might help put some spark back into chapter 52. Please encourage these people at every opportunity and let's find some more. In case you haven't noticed, WE NEED THEM! Harley has fallen of the planet, Alex is flying the shit out of the airplane and there are no Playboy mags to be found at the Pitts Palace.

Life is a bitch. Happy Holidays people.

Chapter Party, Spring 2002

No date exactly scheduled but mark your calendars for a hangar party at Allair (BLM) sometime in spring. Ron Chadwick is hosting. Be there. No option not to.

January Meeting

Our next monthly meeting will take place on January 12th, 2002 at Lincoln Park Airport (N07), at 1:00pm. Gather at the Pitts Palace. Lunch at 12:00pm at the diner - Joe's got a new menu with lots of delicious foods.

NOTAM - VFR flight into Lincoln Park (N07) has been re-established with restrictions. They are as follows:

-All inbound/outgoing traffic must transit WEST of the airport and at all times remain at or below 3,500 AGL.

-All VFR flights must squawk 1211

-All VFR flights must establish two-way communications with Caldwell Tower on 126.50

From personal experience Caldwell Tower handles Lincoln Park VFR well and will simply grant you "Freq Change Approve" as soon as you call them. Seems almost useless but painless to do in the air. Be a good boy and call the tower in and out. And don't forget… check with your local FSS for latest updates.

For driving directions to Lincoln Park visit the Lincoln Park Aviation website -

See you in January!

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