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2002 News
2002 News

Pitts S1 Project for Sale

Pitts S1 project picked up from a fellow EAA Chapter 524 member that he was under pressure to sell due to an unexpected move from the area.

Fuselage and empanage are welded, fuselage is on the gear with wheels, tires, and brakes. Stringer and other misc. brackets are not yet welded on. It has Sparcraft wings assembled with flying wires, but not yet covered. No engine, instruments, or upholstery. It has a full set of Curtis Pitts plans and builders number. I would like to get $1,000 for the project plus the welding kit. I will help with the transportation.

Gene Gottschalk
Pasadena, Maryland
Home: 410 439-0211
Work: 301 286-0151

New Members

Please welcome a couple of new folks to our family:

Doug Lovell
Doug is a CFI, based in upstate New York and does software engineering for a major computer company. He is currently training with ThinAir to earn his aerobatic wings and soon hopes to acquire his own acro mount.

Kirill Barsukov
Kirill, (yes, only I can perfectly pronounce his name besides his girlfriend at our meetings) is another young comrade who got bitten by the acro bug and has joined our group. Kirill is part owner of ThinAir S2A, the plane and the folks that taught pretty much all of us aerobatics at some point or rather. I'm sure he'll keep up the tradition for years to come.

Robert Bellospirito
Robert owns a Citabria and Cessna Skylane and flies them out of Sidney Municipal, east of Binghamton NY. Now, this guy has a sense of humor… sends us half of a $100 bill asking for some help to get aerobatic training then he'll send the other half. Nice to see someone who's having this much fun with acro.

(OK, somebody please get together with Rob, I want the other 50 bucks!!! -Alex…)

Craig Reding
Craig lives with his wife Mary Lynn in Midland Park, NJ and flies 172s and 182s. Let's welcome him to the club!

Alex Brancaccio
Alex is a business owner and lives near and flies out Lincoln Park. He is a brand new owner of a Laser 230 that was just ferried from the west coast by one of the US Navy's test pilots. (some of you know who I'm talking about!)

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