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May 2001 News
May 2001 News
FIFTY-TWO News... May2001
Members in the News
Newest Chapter Member

willsons.jpg (28232 bytes)We are thrilled to report the addition of the newest member to our aerobatic family - Lauren Elizabeth Willson was born on February 23rd, 2001.

Lauren is healthy, gorgeous and nothing less then perfect! The proud parents of their second daughter, Larry and Deanna, are extremely happy and so are we.

Lauren came to our Award Dinner in March, and despite all the noise, music and chatter she quietly slept in Larry's arms. What an angel!

Larry says at 6.7 pounds (when she was born) the Pitts should have great vertical but at only 19 inches the rudder pedals might be a stretch!

Congratulations to Larry and Deanna!




Kathy Jaffe Award Dinner a Success!


The First Annual Kathy Jaffe Award Dinner, held on March 17th, in honor of recipients, Ray and Lois Rose, was a huge success! More than 60 attendees enjoyed an evening of music, good fun, good food and a great speech by Budd Davidson. This was a great way to kick off the season in the Northeast and we are honored that so many friends showed up.


Lincoln Park Airshow

On May 12, Lincoln Park Aviation held an open house at their airport in collaboration with New Jersey 99s and the FAA. A safety seminar was held that introduced folks to the joys of flying, Lincoln Park Aviation was giving rides in their brand new Skyhawks and Chapter 52 put an a awesome airshow!

Harley Carnes, and his S-1T started the show by clearing all bugs from the field as he did his signature knife edge takeoff and completely enveloped the crowd with smoke. I realized that was all part of his routing as he blinded everyone on the ground for a few moments, as he needed time to gain altitude only to come back, double-snapping on the downline and rolling 2,3 or 4 times after. Who can tell!?!?! His high power routine definitely awoke and warmed up the crowd for more action.

Next, Angelo Cillaroto in his Extra 300S showed off what a new upcoming Unlimited competitor has in store for us. His routine of precision flying was as crisp as a Known sequence (with some crowd pleasing additions I'm sure). Look for Angelo to make the US Unlimited Team soon!

The power of a russian-built tractor, I mean airplane, my apologies, thundered the Jersey skies as Drew Hurley took his Yak 55 through the paces. His plane is all power as he practically hovered through half of the sequence and the precision piloting skills of Drew made it look do impossible things. Power but yet grace is the essence of the Russian-built airplanes and Drew knows exactly how to show that off. (ok, ok, I admit I'm a little bias towards Russian planes, you know why.)

DCP_0035.jpg (24323 bytes)And to finish off the show, the team of Ron Saglimbene and Ron Spencer, Split Image, amazed the crowd with precision formation aerobatics and graceful flying. There is something beautifully magical in formation flying and especially biplane formations and the team of Ron and Ron know exactly how to demonstrate that. They later flew the routine again to some instrumental music playing on the radio (who was the composer ?) and it nicely filled in and added to the elegance of the airshow.

On the topic of music for any aspiring airshow performers here. I highly suggest the use of music for your airshows. It serves several purposes, fills in during the non-maneuver portions (like a turnaround) and gives the presentation life and a theme. The music can suit your type of a routine, power, precision, formation, touch of danger, etc. or describe your personality as an aviator. Use it to 'spice up' the show.

The show was followed by a Hangar Party at the Pitts Palace, with food provided by George, the Lincoln Park restaurant owner. Thank you George! The amazing view of the sunset and great company made the entire day unforgettable.

Thanks to all who came and participated.


Competition News


Chapter 58 is hosting the Pennsylvania Aerobatic Championships at Donegal Springs, N71, June 1st through 3rd. Have you practiced your routine? This is always a great competion and folks at Chapter 58 are always happy to have us. They are extending the invitation to all members, competing and not.



We are working hard on trying to organize our contest, usually held at Sullivan County Airport in Monticello, NY. This year it is scheduled for September 14th through 16th. Currently, working with the town and country governments is proving to be difficult as they are "addressing the noise complains" raised every year by some local residents. Several board members are in talks with the representatives of the airport and the county. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we will come to a good resolution in our favor.



A desire to have an unknowns-only contest was raised and once again welcomed. This can certainly draw many members and other competitors as it would promise to be a fun and entertaining competition. Looking for volunteers to give this idea a good try.



Along similar lines, a Sportsman-Only contest idea was brought up. This may be viewed as a really difficult contest to organize and judge fairly to some. The idea here is to have fun, with the competition being the backdrop of the event. A handicap system would have to be implemented and be fair to all competitors (more or less).

Obviously, a million variables need to be looked at but this could be another fun-filling event for the members and family, not to mention the fierce friendly rivalry it would create between all of us.

New Member

Please extend our warm welcome to another new member - Wallace Kineyko. Wallace is a professional pilot, flying for a regional airline and soon an owner of a Pitts S1S. Wallace plans to fly out of Orange County airport and wants to get back into competition aerobatics. Please make him feel at home and congrats on your new aerobatic mount Wallace!

Welcome to the club! And hang on for the ride!!!


May Chapter Meeting Notes

The chapter held its monthly meetings on Saturday, May 12th, 2001 at Lincoln Park.

The president made a short statement on the status of the chapter, our goals and objectives. Please read his full report on page X.

The Treasurer reported that the chapter is in great financial standing with some good cash in the bank allocated to our activities. A contest budget was created to review and plan for the contest and will be closely discussed and voted on at our next meeting.

The Sullivan County contest woes were discussed next. We are once again facing pressures and difficulties in organizing the event as easily as we have done in the past. The growing number of complains from the local residents prompted the local authority to approach us and "discuss" the situation. The talks will take place over the next few weeks where the fate of the contest will be decided. But we keep our optimism high, hoping that a resolution that serves all well will be reached. Anyone wishing to help the board with this please contact the President.


Newsletter printed in black and white

As you have noticed the newsletter is now printed in black and white. The reason for it is cost and speed of printing out the newsletter. I hope you are not disappointed too much with the new look but above factors forced this change to take place. In return, look for more frequent, monthly now newsletters in your mail!

New Planes

It's like Christmas in Spring! We have good news to report. Several of our members have acquired new aerobatic airplanes.

Karen Bullock
1940s Clipped Wing Cub
All brand newly rebuilt in original Cub yellow. Ready in a couple of months! Look for Karen's articles on the rebuilding.

David Klingebiel
CAP 21
This french-made world proven performer is a great single-place monoplane that belonged to one of our past members.

Mark Benton
Clipped Wing Cub
Mark decided to do the exact same thing as Karen, to rebuild an old time original favorite. The plane will take about a year to build and Marks looks forward to giving Karen some real competition!

Alex Belov
Pitts S1T
Yes, finally after flying pretty much all of the 2 holler Pitts aircraft in the club your Fearless Leader has decided to buy his own acro mount.


We have 3 members selling their planes. They are   beautiful Pitts S2B's and a Skybolt.  2 more planes are looking for partners. Click here to visit the Classifieds Section.

If you would like to put a classified ad into the newsletter and/or our website, please email Alex Belov at or write to Alex Belov, IAC Newsletter Editor, 300 East 34th Street, Apt. 30A New York, NY 10016


Schedule of Events
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