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1999 News
1999 News

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A quick situation report (sitrep) on our most recent air campaign in the skies over Maytown Pa.

The wing was well represented at the Pennsylvania Aerobatic Championships with more than 13 pilots competing in10 aircraft.

The first wave was executed early Friday morning by flight element lead Cpt. Ron "Goode" Chadwick and a three Ship formation making their initial run on target slightly before 12:00 noon. Air Defense on and around Donegal Springs proved light and was not a threat to the superior firepower brought on by the B-52's.

The second Wave Time on target was 12:30 and was executed with pinpoint accuracy and precision by flight element lead Harley "The Voice" Carnes.  Flying a 5 ship right echelon formation so as to keep the bomb pattern tight, were wing men Larry "Iceman" Willson,  Steve "Striker" Seidel with his Wizo Paul "Si'" Lopez,  Ron "Sag" Saglimbini,  and our tail end Charlie Cpt. Ron "Tailwheel" Spencer with his wizo Karen "Blondie" Spencer. Thanks to an earlier infiltration, Karen Bulluck and Alex Belov, our intelligence officer, were already on the ground acting as forward air controllers.  Our liaison ship commanded by Rich "Dad" Pinkowski arrived along with our pointy nosed fast mover flown by 1st officer Angelo Chiallio.

After a quick engagement with a Yellow Bandit from Chapter 91 that jumped us the flight arrived on deck and quickly rearmed for the next sortie. Shortly after the landing evolution One of our support ships a Navy C-130 made an over flight as well as 2  Air Force A-10 Thunderbolts, much to the amazement of all on the ground. "Taco" Caccavalle personally asked me how we had arranged for such a joint forces 3 prong attack.  I told him "It's all in the planning;   and weekend maneuvers of a couple of local reserve units didn't hurt either ."

Final results (BDA) of the Maytown Air Camaign are as follows:


Karen Bulluck          1st place Basic
Alex Belov              2nd place Basic

Steve Seidel             3rd place Sportsman

Larry Willson            1st place Intermediate

Angello C.               3rd place Advanced

Ron Chadwick         Good Sportsman Award


All the rest of the jocks flew well and did a very respectable job considering the opposition.  Well done Team! America Salutes you!

Until our next engagement, Keep your sights clear, practice those evasive maneuvers, and by all means have fun and fly safe.

Fly safe
B52 Strike Leader
Stephen Seidel


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80th Anniversary of the First Official Aviation Forecast
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