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Contest in the Catskills Pictures
Contest in the Catskills Pictures
morningsky.jpg (4268 bytes) The morning sky. Day 1.
Angelo Cillaroto and Ron Chadwick angeloandron.jpg (12099 bytes)
pittses.jpg (14600 bytes) Is it "Pittses" or "Pittsi" ?
Pitts S2B s2s.jpg (6982 bytes)
clippedwing.jpg (11656 bytes) A clipped wing Piits?.
Christen Eagles... eagles.jpg (11293 bytes)
larry_andy.jpg (12419 bytes) Larry Willson's plane was the shiniest I've ever seen!
Gotta clean your plane!!! cleaning.jpg (13163 bytes)
hangar.jpg (9770 bytes) Tight packing in the hangar...
Harley Carnes waiting at the gas pumps. harley.jpg (12159 bytes)
handflying.jpg (9805 bytes) Here Harley is discussing the fine points of his backwards sequence. (just kidding Harley!)
Yakboy on arrival. yakboy.jpg (9216 bytes)
judges2.jpg (9985 bytes) Da Judges!!!
At least you get a great tan!!! judges.jpg (10517 bytes)
parade.jpg (8970 bytes) Parade of planes
Kathy Jaffe and Jeffrey Seckendorf kathy.jpg (13080 bytes)
angelo.jpg (9337 bytes) Angelo Cillaroto and his Laser
OK, OK, I got bored and took some random shots. But can you tell what kind of runway light this is? light.jpg (8236 bytes)
jeffrey.jpg (12276 bytes) Jeffrey Seckendoft
Who said aerobatics wasn't a family sport? Here's Team Cillaroto. cilllaroto.jpg (6949 bytes)
yellow.jpg (10222 bytes) A very beautiful Decathlon
Here's a Pitts in your eye!! nose.jpg (11417 bytes)
ronextra.jpg (14700 bytes) Ron Spencer getting a ride in an Extra.
Ron Chadwick's new S2A. Thanks Ron for giving me my first Pitts ride! -AB rons2b.jpg (7383 bytes)
decathlons.jpg (7437 bytes) Decathlons. A family picture.
Who's taking who for a ride?. ride.jpg (8338 bytes)
dog.jpg (9131 bytes) The official guard dog of the contest.
Another red Pitts. But a diffrerent view! front.jpg (9705 bytes)
guenther.jpg (14022 bytes) Guenther Eichhorn and his S2A
Guenther tried an Unlimited Sequence in his Pitts for the first time. guenther2.jpg (12149 bytes)
zlin_in_fog.jpg (3069 bytes) Sunday morning. Visibility...20 feet!!!
That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Photos and story by Alex Belov

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