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Second Annual Blue Bowl Aerobatic Event
Second Annual Blue Bowl Aerobatic Event
Second Annual Blue Bowl Aerobatic Event
The 2nd Annual
Blue Bowl Aerobatic Event

Sunday, November 5th
Cold Spring Airport, Honesdale, PA

A good time was had by all at the 2006 Blue Bowl. We had food, ribbons, Godzilla in David Clarkes, and great flying. New members and 52 veterans, friends new and old flew, drove, and hitched to the party.

  • Red team overcame Gold team with an average score of 524.7 to Gold's 480. Red team proudly wears the Golden Eagle. Can Gold team take it back in '07?
  • Red team trophies went to Chris Getz, Stephen Seidel, and the Breeze, in that order.
  • Gold team trophies went to Dennie, Mike Ciliberti, and Kendal-- Dennie flying the beatiful Edge 540, Mike flying his black and yellow Sukhoi "Lucky Bee," and Kendal out in Chris Getz' Pitts Model 12.

Judges included Marcus, Jason, Andrea, Nick, Larry, and Israel. Someone help me with the rest!

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video snapshot

Gus' friend Colm has sent us this cool video. The file is Apple QuickTimeTM format. It is over 300Mb and twenty minutes long. Even with a broadband connection, you will need to give it a minute or two to buffer before hitting the play button. If the circle catches up to the grey bar, just move it back and watch part of the movie over again while the buffering advances. It is well worth the effort to download a player The quality of the QuickTimeTM video is very good.

Here is a Photo album. Please send your pictures! Write to me if your email system disallows large attachments.


Here are some of the scores and judges comments

Red Team comments

Chris Getz
Great 78/80; Good rollin; (+7+4+6-1-3+8+7-2+6)*22/7*521/2=71; Awesome!; Ringer!!
Stephen Seidel
Stayed in the box; Smoke Etcetra 5, Effort 8, Great Man, 10, score 76/80; (+7+4+9-6+1-1-5-2+5+2)*22/7*521/2=69.5; Nice Artwork, Nice Signoff; Pig face in sky
Well Choreagraphed; Good Start 3 twist +5; takeoff++, (+5+2+7-4+6+2-4) *22/7*521/2=67.7 twisty thing on T/O; sweet twists;
Mark Shaw
Pretty Circle = 8, Too much Straight & Level = -2; (+8+5+4+7-2-2+7+5)Cool moves *22/7*521/2; loved the loop;
Rob Marsicano
I dunno 69; Forgot to tell his partner his surname = -3; (+6+4+8-2+7+6+5+4) *22/7*521/2; Rock Star;
Gus Frazer
A stalwart fellow = 77; Start-up breeze -5, Hiding in the clouds -2; ZERO; The buzzing made up for the freeze V out!
John Prince
Too far away from field -2;truly a prince; (+6+5+7-2-3+4+6+8) *22/7*521/2=68;
John Fellenz'r
Some unique new moves (+10-5+4+7-6+5+1) *22/7*521/2=68; good color coordination; very cool!
Mark Mattioli
cus he told me to = 80; good; (+7+6+7+4-2-4+8-3+7) *22/7*521/2=69; sweet!
Mike Haller
(+7+8-2+8+6-2-4+5) *22/7*521/2=69; kind karma; good finish +5

Gold Team comments

Judge #1, Gold
Ray=80; Mike=80; Dennie=80; Kendal=80
Judge #2, Gold
Kendal=68.355; Mike=62.525; Dennie=74.632; Ray=61.337
Judge #3, Gold
Dennie=80! Killer; Ray=79; Kendal=79 Killer!; Mike=77
Judge #4, Gold
Kendal=78; Mike=77.5; Dennie=79; Ray=78
Judge #5, Gold
Ray, Smoking the photographer -2 = 74; Kendal=76; Mike=73; Dennie, Great, Fantastic, Perfect = 80

Note from Stephen Seidel

Unless you have organized an event such as this one, you don't realize the behind the scenes efforts required to make it all work. Lucky for me I just showed up, flew, ate Fred's cooking, flew some more and just had a great time all in all.

Those who made it all happen are too modest to take a bow, so I'll introduce you to them

Creator and perpetuator of Blue Bowl. Great job getting such terrific awards. I put last year's Cup inside this year's and have the makings of a champaign fountain. He supplied rapid transit for our professional event photographer all the way from Hammonton. His flying was the performance high mark of the Bowl. You're my hero.
Supreme organizer, motivator, and all around good guy. A little anal, but everyone has his end to keep up. :-). Somebody hide the whistle next time. He risked below minimums Wx conditions to arrive early on Sunday. I got up just after dawn and hiked down from Marti's house to the hanger, only to find Doug chugging up the taxi way before I could get half way down the hill. The temperature was hovering around 22' and there was a skim of ice on the Beaver pond. After a 40 minute flight at sub freezing temps, Doug was tempted to alter the last name of the event to better reflect how he felt when crawling out of his little cockpit in the early morning breeze.
What can I say about this guy, He brought half the deli section from the local A&P so we could have a proper picnic in grand style. As president, he help to coordinate the efforts of his organizers in his quiet businesslike manner before and during the event. He even enlisted his entire private squadron of aircraft to fly in supplies to the hungry. If that wasn't enough, he stepped out of shadows of Kendal and Ray to put on an aggressive kick ass flight for the red team and the ultimate win. Nice job, a pleasure to take second to you.
Ferry pilot d'jour. Thanks for delivering supplies, our cook, and the hottie photo babe in Dennie's Bonanza.
IAC 52 chapter supporter and designated Burger and Brats distributor.
Thanks goes to Gus for organizing, designing, obtaining funding, and presenting Marti with the sign dedicating the airport to her husband, Charles. Oh yeah, thanks for trimming the tree tops near the hanger with your MT weed wacker. Saved Lonnie the job of getting out the ladder and chain saw.
Due to Mark's efforts on the aerobatic seminar front we are 2 new members richer and they even made the hike up from south Jersey to support the chapter and help judge the event. Thanks Jason and Marcus for coming and padding my scores!
JD Johnson:
JD gave up the chance to kick our butts with his new Laser/Edge in order to deliver the sign to Cold Springs. Thanks for the sacrifice.
Thanks for braving the frigid temperatures and submitting to the chronic frostbite of your fingers to help film our event in the style and manner you did for us @ KJC 06'. We are all looking forward to seeing your work.
Looks like you've come full circle with you scoring in the back room and presenting at the podium again.
Lonnie :
For hanging out and helping out at the airport on his day off.
Thanks again for your generosity and inviting us into your home to let us enjoy the sport that we all love so much. We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate the opportunity that you afford each and all of us.

Last of all, to all the members that helped share in the fellowship of flight, comradery of competition, and the friendship of each other.


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