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November 1998

Greetings Friends,

Hard to believe that the season is almost over. Somehow it seems like it had just begun a few weeks ago. So much has happened in such a short amount of time.

We have had a very full contest year. Thanks to the efforts of JEFF SECKENDORF we had not one but two contests up in Vermont this year. Springfield has a magnificent aerobatic box. One of the most beautiful flights I’ve ever had was in that box at sunset, as the mist was gathering in all the nooks of the mountains. That coupled with the lovely lake below that snugs up to the airport property, was like flying in a movie setting. Great Site for a contest Jeff. Good work.

The Sullivan Contest brought almost 50 pilots out to play. A perfect number for a full, but manageable contest. As Contest Director, I would like to thank every one of you that helped make it such a smooth running success. We really worked very well together. You all made my job very easy. I kept walking around feeling I was needing to do more, but it was running so beautifully that I finally relaxed … well, sort of. Major players were MIRIAM LEVIN, Registrar; STEVE SEIDEL, Volunteer Coordinator; ALEX BELOV, Scorer, RAY ROSE, Chief Judge, and RON SPENCER, Chief Starter, Tech Inspector, Both STEVE & RON were Pain-in- the-Backside-neighbor Coordinators.

I’d also like to thank you guys for the surprise birthday bash at the banquet. And yes it was very much a surprise. I was given a beautiful back pack that I must thank you very much for. It fits beautifully in the back of the turtle deck of my NEW PITTS S1S.

Yes, I have replaced N11Pepe Whiskey with RON SPENCER’s trusty Prize winning Pitts. N29GS now has my name on it and I hope to do it as proud as Ron did. The plane has proved itself. Now let’s hope that it’s new owner can do the same. So put out the NOTAM’s cause..I’m BAAAAACK!

Till next time, FLY SAFE

Kathy Jaffe B.I.C.

Babe In Command

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