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A word from Fearless Leader
A word from Fearless Leader
A Word from our Strike Leader

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By Alex Belov
Chapter President

Well, we're well into our flying season, in the Northeast, that means hot and humid days of flying, reduced visibility and tons of summer flyers at local airports. That all leads to increased workload for piloting and constant lookout for possibly conflicts. Flight training bases practically explode with instructional flights and often folks that have not yet learned the finer points of flying in the pattern and coping with other pilots. Be prepared and expect all kinds of folks in the pattern. No matter what may take place always maintain professionalism and the urge to get hassled with someone "getting in your way". Our striving image of "better than an average pilot" should shine through. Everyone always looks up to "airshow pilots" anyway.

The hot and humid days of summer demand more water for the body. Drink a lot and drink often. It may mean your bladder will have to excuse itself after an hour or two, but a well-hydrated body is less susceptible to the elements, including airsickness.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

So now that we have covered the elements of summer flying, let's get back to making the most out of the summer break between competitions. That means practice!! Our infamous aerobatic box at Sullivan Int'l (MSV) is open for business. Practice days are every weekend, Saturday or Sunday, (and some Wednesdays) as it works best for the folks. Anyone willing to practice, please contact me so we can make arrangements.

Please familiarize yourself with noise abatement procedures at Sullivan.

Fly safe.

Fearless Leader…

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