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Election of Chapter Officers
Election of Chapter Officers
Election of Chapter Officers
    The nominations for Chapter officers for IAC Chapter 52 are in!  The candidates have been contacted, and those who have confirmed that they willing to serve are listed below.

    Voting for these Chapter officer positions is open to all current members of Chapter 52.  Please send in your votes by e-mail to Tom Parsons (  Voting will be open for two weeks, with the last day of voting being Tuesday, May 3.

    Here are the candidates-

    Tom Parsons

    Ron Chadwick

    Deanna Willson

Safety Officer (vote for one):
    John Nafziger
    Dennis Thompson

Director (vote for three):
    Alex Belov
    Chris Getz
    Miriam Levin
    Ron Saglimbene
    Dennis Thompson

(Note: There is one case in which an individual has been nominated for more than one position- Dennis Thompson.  If Dennis wins election to both Safety Officer and Director, his election as as Safety Officer will stand.  His spot as Director will then go to the person with the fourth-most votes.)

    I encourage everyone who is a current member of Chapter 52 to vote.  Do your part to help determine the leadership of your chapter!  Thanks in advance for your participation.

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