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Randolph Bombers
Randolph Bombers
Randolph Bombers

Stephen has been running a flyover salute at the Randolph, NJ Freedom Day parade for several years. This year Doug and Rob stopped-in at Andover to participate. The date: July 1, 2006. The mission: be patriotic.

Doug, Rob, and Stephen

Here Doug, Rob, and Stephen mug for the camera before heading-off. Nice legs, Doug.

Stephen had the initial fix and final fix laid-out on his GPS. Rob flew right wing, Doug left. We made an initial pass, then circled back together as a formation. On the second pass we split-- Stephen going straight up, Left wing headed up and left, right wing headed up and right. We broke on Stephen's cue and it looked great.

Rejoining as a flight of three we ducked under the NY class Bravo to visit Hammonton where Chad, Kendal, John N., Dennie, Gus, Sergei, and Chris practiced with critique. Heck, we practically had enough for a contest. Dennie and Sergei provided excellent tips for all.

Rob and Stephen with our
three Pitts

Rob and Stephen with our three Pitts just before launch.

Rob and Doug in front of Rob's S2B

"Hey girls, we have big propellers!" "Yeah. Good luck, Doug."

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