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2007 Kathy Jaffe Challenge
2007 Kathy Jaffe Challenge
2007 Kathy Jaffe Challenge
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Laurie Zaleski|
Laurie Zaleski|


Sunday began as a good day to fly. We flew the Intermediate Unknown straight away to completion. Scattered clouds started entering the box in the middle of the Advanced flights, and quickly filled-in, leaving us two pilots short of a complete Unknown flight for Advanced.

First place contest plaques went to first place winners of the known flights in all categories except Intermediate. Katie Koehler won Primary, Farrell Woods won Sportsman, and Bill Finagin won Advanced. The Intermediate unknown flight winner was Douglas Lovell, who made-up more than enough points from his second place showing on the known to surpass Scott Francis and take first place overall.

Here are summary results with links to the Jasper printouts:

  • Primary Katie Koehler 84.01%, Joseph Flood 79.93%, Nicholas Stolley 76.98%, Louis Lucarelli, Joseph Tesauro
  • Sportsman Farrell Woods 82.78%, Weston Liu 81.47%, Adam Cope 79.76%, Greg Stringer 78.77%, F Russo 78.31%, Brady Lesko, Richard Kirk, Jay Hewett, Berk Shervin, Alan Troutman, Michael Haller, Byron Brumbaugh, Michael Zeltkevi, Jeffrey Petrocel, Craig Lawler, Bob Sabbatino, Edwin Ruhl, Mark Mattioli
  • Intermediate Douglas Lovell 84.04%, Scott Francis 83.67%, Stephen Seidel 79.46%, Christopher Getz 75.80%, Erica Hoagland 75.00%, John Fellenzer, Robert Marsicano, David Underwood, Ronald Stevens, Cynthia Lyons, William Gordon, Angus Fraser
  • Advanced William Finagin 83.22%, Robert Holland 79.18%, Paul Lopez 77.45%, Kendal Simpson 76.41%, Andrew Cooper, Neville Hogan (zeroed for low-low)

Laurie Zaleski|


Saturday opened like Friday, but cleared-up soon enough for us to begin contest flying. We flew six Advanced, twelve Intermediate, and twenty-three Primary and Sportsman knowns.

The banquet was a lot of fun with videos and still images projected on three screens and lots of giveaways from our great sponsors.

First place flight medals for the known went to Katie Koehler in Primary, Farrell Woods in Sportsman, Scott Francis in Intermediate, and Bill Finagin in Advanced.

Laurie Zaleski|


We called off contest flying for Saturday to take the pressure off of anyone not yet here and give them a chance to show. The weather lifted in the late afternoon for practice flights and more arrivals.

The Friday night barbeque at the Flying-W Tiki bar next to the pool was a smash. Our friends from Long Island got a game of volleyball going into the night on the sand courts near the pool.

Everyone is optimistic about flying on Saturday.

Laurie Zaleski|
Laurie Zaleski|

Friday Morning

The low overcast and rain that kept the northeast in low IFR for much of the week slowly lifted on Thursday so that, late in the afternoon, many pilots arrived, flying low with excellent visibility. By six in the evening we were practicing in the box.

Farthest flyers so far are Cynthia Lyons and David Underwood with their Extra 200 from Illinois. Bill Gordon arrived from Vermont in his Pitts S2B and Jay Hewitt flew from Maine in his S1S. To the south we have Adam Cope out of Virginia with his Super Decathalon. A number of his students will show later to expand our ranks of three primary and six sportsman pilots. So far we have one first time Sportsman, Michael Zeltkevic from New York flying a Zlin 242L.

Yvan Turcotte drove from Montreal, Quebec, 720km, and an hour and a half at U.S. Customs to join us as a judge. Patty Anderson drove all the way from Ohio to help with registration. She, Miriam Levin, and Ann Salcedo from Florida are getting paperwork ready for the known flights this afternoon and registering this morning's arrivals.

The largest category so far is Intermediate, with nine competitors out of the nineteen registered. Preregistration indicates that the Advanced category will have quite a few competitors as well. We have some world class judges, including Fred Weaver and Greg Dungan for Advanced.

The forecast for the weekend is warm and sunny, clear with a chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm. The Kathy Jaffe Challenge is in full swing.

Laurie Zaleski|

Contest Announcement

The contest announcement page gives details about dates, times, location, contact information, hotels, and all of that other good stuff.

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