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2010 KJC
2010 KJC
2010 KJC
Take off at the Kathy Jaffe Challange
Laurie ZaleskiTake off at the Kathy Jaffe Challange
Line up at the Kathy Jaffe Challange
Laurie ZaleskiLine up at the Kathy Jaffe Challange
Shine at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge
Laurie ZaleskiShine at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge
Laugh at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge
Laurie ZaleskiLaugh at the Kathy Jaffe Challenge

2010 Kathy Jaffe Challenge

August 6th - 8th, 2010

Flying-W Airport (14N), Lumberton, NJ

Power Primary thru Unlimited


Register now on-line no payment required. Practice slot reservations are available.


Contest Director Ron Chadwick 732-671-6483
Assistant Contest Directors John Fellenzer, Aaron Ham, Mark Mattioli, Jay Tesauro
Volunteer Coordinator Ann Salcedo
Chief Judge Greg Dungan
Technical and Safety Director John Fellenzer


  • First through third overall standing in all categories
  • Flight medals first through third all flights.
  • Best first time Sportsman
  • Chapter supremacy


The Flying-W Motel had limited availability and is booked.

Most are staying at the Hampton Inn, Mt. Holly 609-702-9888

The following are alternatives to the Flying-W and Hampton Inn:

  • Best Western, Mt. Holly 609-261-3800
  • Hilton Garden Inn, Mt. Holly 609-702-1600
  • Iris Inn (Bed and Breakfast), Medford 609-654-7528


Directions to the airport

From the NJ Turnpike,

  • Take Exit 5 (Burlington/Mount Holly).
  • At the end of the exit ramp, turn right onto route 541.
  • Take the jughandle at the 3rd light onto the route 541 Mt. Holly Bypass.
  • At the 5th light, turn right toward Lumberton (route 541 turns right here as well). Beware the low speed limit in town (the police are well-equipped and enthusiastic about their jobs).
  • Proceed about 1 1/2 miles, though and then past "downtown" Lumberton.
  • Turn left at Fostertown Road (there is a green "Flying WAirport" sign at the intersection).
  • The airport is on the left, about 1 mile down the road: 60 Fostertown Road.

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