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Kline Kill Patch
Kline Kill Patch
Kline Kill Patch
Early arrivals at Kline Kill
Doug LovellEarly arrivals at Kline Kill
Pitts in the country
Doug LovellPitts in the country
Planes of all stripes
Doug LovellPlanes of all stripes
Stephen's fans
Doug LovellStephen's fans
Local audience
Doug LovellLocal audience
Scott, Stephen, Michael, John, and Ron at center box as flying  wound-down for the day.
Doug LovellScott, Stephen, Michael, John, and Ron at center box as flying wound-down for the day.
Kids too
Doug LovellKids too
Young Eagle Kathryn with her Pilot Ace, Scott
Doug LovellYoung Eagle Kathryn with her Pilot Ace, Scott

We totally lucked out on a beautiful day at Kline Kill airport on Saturday, October 13. Pilots of all abilities from beginner to veteran unlimited stopped in to fly some precision aerobatics. Kline Kill is a four thousand foot long, well maintained turf airport in Columbia County, NY. It is about five miles northeast of the Columbia County airport.

We had everything from a clipped-wing cub to Pitts Model 12 to Extra 200, Zlin, Decathlon, and even an RV-8 participating. Our Long Island friends John, Jeff, Katie, and Scott flew up. Paul flew over from Massachusetts. John, Grant, and Rob made the hop up from Danbury. Stephen and Michael from New Jersey.

Nine pilots flew for patch with Doug and Stephen providing scores. Five more flew for practice and critique.

Stephen drew a crowd with his Orange Crush. He and his plane were surrounded at one point with people asking questions and hearing stories.

The local newspaper carried an announcement on Friday, as did the EAA and AOPA event calendars. Some pilot fly-ins and local area residents stopped-by to have a look at what we were doing. They enjoyed some of the hot dogs and chili nicely prepared for us, watched the planes and talked with the pilots. We gave them a few smoke-on take-offs; but, eventually they grew satisfied with seeing small planes flying simple figures far away and wandered off.

The young people got a look at the planes close up, including our newest Young Eagle Kathryn, who flew with Scott in his RV-8 on wing of her father's Pitts.

The announcement and invitation, including information about Kline Kill, smooth awards, and a press release.

Here is a story one of our participants wrote for his EAA Chapter newsletter.

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